Treasure № 1: Murano, Burano and Torcello islands private boat day tour
What: We are going to visit the most famous islands Murano, Burano and Torcello*.

MURANO isn't very beautiful island by itself, the gem of this island is a famous Venetian glass. We will stop at one of murano glass factory in order to see the production process. We will try to see not a demonstration but a real production process. We will reveal the secrets of production and explain to you the difference between fake and real murano glass. Then if you want you will be able to buy some souvenirs, we also will give you some suggestions about where to buy original pieces for the best price and how to avoid touristic traps.
BURANO is a magnificent island by itself. It is a colourful fairytale in real life. Houses on the island look like houses for Barbie because of the bright colours. You can enjoy the special vibes of the island and make a lot of photos that will get a lot of likes! Points of interest are the brightest house, the most beautiful house, local pastry shop, falling tower, lace production, and the atmosphere. We will help you to discover all the most interesting places.
TORCELLO* is the island where Venice was established many years ago. Now there are not so many things to do but it is very beautiful to cruise on a boat through the island.

How long: 3-6 hours depends if you would like to have lunch or not if you would like to do some shopping or not. If you have a limited time for a tour, let us know, we will control the time. 3 hrs is enough only to visit ONE island with a stop - or Burano, or Murano. Minimum recommended length is 4 hrs. We always use our time most rationally in order to see as much as possible. We can`t know exactly how much time we need for travelling between islands because it depends on different factors such as wind, boat traffic, speed control. In weekends some more time could be required due to high boat traffic in the Venetian lagoon.

Options: shopping, lunch (There is one of the best fish restaurants at Burano), Torcello island

BOAT: Open Boat "Alice"

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