Treasure № 3: fascinating sunrise and italian morning at Burano island

What: We will meet at one of our pick up points, get on a boat and go in a direction of Burano Island. We will make a stop* there and explore the island. Also sunrise is a magic moment of the day when you can take sime stunning photos. When we will cruise through the lagoon we will go along some smaller islands and i will give some explanation what do we see.

Sunrise is the best time to enjoy Venice! There are a few reasons why:
  1. No people around you. Only you and city, nobody will disturb you.
  2. Sunrise in Venice is like a full make up for ladies. If you will be lucky, the light
  3. The best time for taking photos(check previous points why). All your followers on Instagram will ask you: "How did you take this stunning photos without crowd of people around you? Is this photoshop?"
Remember to keep the secret! The only diadvantage is that we have to wake up early but don`t forget that we have the best coffee in Italy!

BURANO is a magnificent island by itself. It is a colorful fairytale in real life. Houses on the island look like houses for Barbie because of the bright colors. You can enjoy the special vibes of the island and make a lot of photos that will get a lot of likes! Points of interest are the brightest house, the most beautiful house, local pastry shop, falling tower, lace production, and the atmosphere. We will help you to discover all the most interesting places. We also could visit MURANO island on the way back if we will have enough time.

How long: The minimum length of 3 hours is enough to visit Burano island, with a tour of the island, plus to see some other islands on the way to Burano. If you would like to see also Murano, we will need extra time (4 hrs should be enough). We always use our time in the most rational way in order to show you as much interesting places as it possible.
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